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PATHCare provides a wide variety of services through it’s family of companies. Click on each logo and discover the possibilities of what PATHCare can do for you, your company and your family!

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FluShots of America

We Come to You for on-site flu shots, Vitamin B12 shots and other immunizations and we make the process as easy as 1-2-3! You Come to Us for all your immunization needs at a time most convenient for you at our StarMedical Group location.

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StarMedical Group

Family care from treatment of acute illnesses such as cold and flu to broken bones; Occupational Care for your company—Star Medical Group provides all pre-employment services including drug screening and physicals—and we take care of your Worker’s Comp. injuries; Urgent Care for your immediate needs. No need to make an appointment! Walk-ins welcome.

We provide businesses and organizations with easy, affordable healthcare services to help employers and employees decrease the risks of illness due to common, avoidable workplace health problems

About Us

At a time when Americans are experiencing more health issues than ever before and soaring health care costs as well PATHCare works to help reduce and even reverse these trends.

Founded in 2003 by Chief Executive Officer Jeff Vitt, the PATHCare family of companies has two primary goals: to provide convenient, affordable healthcare to individuals and businesses, and to lower the number of common, avoidable health problems due to inactivity that often targets workers, including obesity and diabetes.

PathCare provides services through two companies: FluShots of America and StarMedical Group:

• FluShots of America is a nationwide provider of flu shots, Vitamin B-12 shots, and other immunizations. To Beat the Flu, We Come to You! Our staff members travel to patients nationwide to administer various shots on an as-needed basis, making it easier for corporations to comply with regulatory demands and help employers provide a workplace that supports health and wellness among employees.

• StarMedical Group, Your family, occupational and urgent care provider, caters to families that need a wide range of on-site services. Our services include (but are not limited to) treatment of acute illnesses, lab work, X-rays, childhood vaccinations, various screenings and educational programs focused on identifying and addressing common health issues and risks such as weight gain and diabetes.

PATHCare combines education and prevention to help individuals and groups achieve their wellness goals. The nation’s heightened interest in health and wellness, along with past and future changes in healthcare management, has left many Americans feeling ill-equipped to make choices regarding their own personal wellness.

PATHCare’s family of companies educates the public about health care reform and its effects on Texans and the nation while assisting people who want to live healthier lifestyles.

We invite you to learn more about PATHCare and our host of affordable, readily-available flu shots, immunization, and other health services.

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PATHCare is reorganizing and coming back better than ever! Please follow our blog to keep abreast of the latest in health and wellness trends and services!

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